Episode 4 of Increased Capacity is in the bag and we have our second guest in-studio! Our capacities are increased by none other than Williamsport experimental musician, Josh Garner.

In this episode we talk about painting with guns, politics at Thanksgiving, and healthcare (among other things…). Enjoy!

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3 Thoughts on “Increased Capacity Episode 4 – w/Josh Garner – June 12, 2017”

  • A few years ago I went on my first mission trip and I went the following year as well. I really was touched by what you said about almost erasi a culture as a side effect of introducing Jesus or more often than not a version of Christianity as a “religion”. I had always shied away from the thought of going on a journey of mission because I was always sensitive to the fact that we may be erasing something. I have respect for other cultures and even other religions. One of the leaders of the group that I went with said something that really resonated with me and changed my view of mission work and it depends group by group how the mission is carried out but they said to me “you don’t even have to talk about Jesus if you show Jesus through your actions, sometimes that is enough. By being kind and giving and just showing love and even just saying a prayer before a meal or before we started our task sometimes that is the best way to convey what Christianity should be. I strongly believe that people should look at Jesus and not necessarily as Christians because we are in perfect and It hurts my heart genuinely that the culture of the people in India that you spoke of are losing its traditions I think the people have a responsibility to not just share your joy about your beliefs but to lift up what makes a people special . I believe in Jesus and get joy out of telling my story but I don’t think that even he would want people to erase what makes them unique as a people. Thanks for an interesting show, this was the first time I had listened to your show because my brother Josh was on and so I listened on the internet and I really found it interesting and educational I try and devour is much information as I can and there were a few points on the show that I had recently read about and it just helped those subjects resonate with me keep doing what you’re doing.

    • Thank you so much for the thoughtful comment, Jenn, and thank you so much for listening! So happy you found the show interesting 🙂 Josh, your bro, is awesome by the way!

  • Thanks, I think he’s pretty great, too. He truly has a way of merging his creativity, intellect, and heart in his perspective of navigating life. Glad you guys got to connect!

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