Increased Capacity is an arts and humanities talk-show which explores topics that could range anywhere from current events, philosophy, theology, literature, politics and religion to science, pop culture, tv, film, music, visual art, or design… basically, it’s a show about anything that humans do well!


Increased Capacity Episode 8 – August 7, 2017

  Episode 8 of Increased Capacity is coming at you! Dan and I (Jesse) talk about marriage, a/theism, and playing […]

Increased Capacity Episode 7 – w/Brittany Tasch – July 24, 2017

  Episode 7 of Increased Capacity is in the bag! Williamsport community enthusiast, Brittany Tasch, joins us in the studio […]

Increased Capacity Episode 6 – July 10, 2017

  Episode 6 of Increased Capacity is here! Dan and I (Jesse) kick it solo-style and in this episode we […]

Increased Capacity Episode 5 – w/Gabe & Benny – June 26, 2017

  Episode 5 of Increased Capacity is here and, shockingly, two kids snuck into the studio, threw on some cans […]